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Seventh Generation

42. James7 ESSLEMONT (Margaret6, John5, Alexander4, John3, John2, George1) (#67) was born KingEdward parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland about 1830. I have searched all the available records, as have my cousin, Keith Esslemont ID572. May I add here that the latter has done trojan work on the Esslemont branch of the family. Neither of us could find a birth or a baptism for him. However we do have his marriage and death certificates which indicate that he was born about 1830 in KingEdward parish Aberdeenshire. James died 27 December 1884 Upperthird, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at 54 years of age.(219) The following individual is also linked to this event: Thomas ROY (witness). see wife helen Barclay ID 68, burial text His body was interred after 27 December 1884 Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.(220) See ID 68, burial text

He married Helen BARCLAY Redhill, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 19 December 1863.(221) (Helen BARCLAY is #68.) Helen was born Redhill, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland June 1836.(222) Helen was the daughter of Alexander BARCLAY and Helen STEPHEN. Helen died 29 July 1920 The Oldwood, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at 84 years of age.(223) Her body was interred 31 July 1920 Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.(224) Stone in Auchterless Kirkyard: far left corner under trees. " In loving memory of our dear father James Esslemont who died 27th. Dec.1884 aged 54 also our dear mother Helen Barclay who died the 29th.July 1920 aged 82 also our dear brother Alex aged 5 years "

He resided Blairshinnoch, Banff parish, Banffshire, Scotland 31 March 1851.(225) James's occupation: agr. Lab. and cattleman different places, 1851 to 1881.(226) He resided Kinbroon Farm, Fyvie parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 8 April 1861.(227) He resided Blackhall, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 3 April 1871.(228) He resided Seggat, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 4 April 1881.(229) Knowing that James moved from farm to farm as a labourer and cattleman, we may deduce from the social custom of the time that he resided in a bothy, and would have took part in the bothy songs of the day. The bothy was a very basic room or loft over a barn where all the unmarried, work hands slept and ate, sometimes they ate in the farm house kitchen.

James ESSLEMONT and Helen BARCLAY had the following children:

child + 44 i. James8 ESSLEMONT was born 6 July 1861.

child 45 ii. Mary Ann ESSLEMONT(230) (#28) was born Knockleith, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 18 July 1864.(231) She married Joseph CHALMERS Upperthird, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1 February 1887. (Joseph CHALMERS is #27.) Joseph was born Muir of Turtory, Rothiemay parish, Banffshire, Scotland 3 June 1867.(232) Joseph was the son of James CHALMERS and Margaret MUNDIE. Joseph died after 1901.(233) (See Joseph CHALMERS for the continuation of this line.)

She resided in Denhead Fyvie 4 April 1881.(234) She resided in Rothiemay 6 April 1891, Garranhaugh.(235)

child 46 iii. Georgina ESSLEMONT (#70) was born Upperthird, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 22 November 1866. She married William ABERNETHY at Aberdeen, Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, about 1886.(236) (William ABERNETHY is #367.) William was born about 1866. (Additional notes for William ABERNETHY(237)) (See William ABERNETHY for the continuation of this line.)

She resided in Meadow, Kincardine O'Neil parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1901.(238)

child 47 iv. Barbara ESSLEMONT (#71) was born Bruckhills, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 4 August 1869. Barbara died after 1936. She married Alexander LOW Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, about 1894.(239) (Alexander LOW is #1496.) Alexander was born about 1869. (Additional notes for Alexander LOW(240)) (See Alexander LOW for the continuation of this line.)

She resided Huntly, Huntly parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1901, 2 Mill Buildings, Church St.(241) She resided Huntly, Huntly parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland about 1935.(242) " Our Bob remembered that his brother Bill (pron. Beel) started a new job, in Huntly, as a young man and lived for about 6 months with a family called Lowe ( a name known to you already). This must have been anytime before Bob left home aged 18 about 1935. Also, George Esslemont used to take Bob's siblings on a day trip to visit a retired policeman who had a farm in the Mains of Bognie near Forgue, sorry don't know a name or a relationship. Bob did not go there either, as the future train driver was travel sick on trains at that time."

She resided Keith, Keith parish, Banffshire, Scotland about 1936.

child + 48 v. George ESSLEMONT was born 19 July 1871.

child + 49 vi. Jane Barclay ESSLEMONT was born 27 May 1874.

child 50 vii. Alexander Gray ESSLEMONT (#74) was born Upperthird, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 10 February 1877. Alexander died about 1881 Upperthird, Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. His body was interred about 1881 Auchterless parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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