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First Generation

1. George1 ESSLEMONT (#1544) was born Monquhitter parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland about 1650.

Note: The story of the Esslemont branch is difficult due to lack of real facts and evidence. The information we have from George (ID1544) down to Margaret (ID884), has been researched thoroughly by Keith Esslemont, my cousin, whom I know to be an exact researcher, and so, must be given the credit for this information. Keith says it is the best fit with all the available evidence. We place it here so that others may be able to fit other pieces to the puzzle, and correct where necessary.

George ESSLEMONT had the following children:

child + 2 i. John2 ESSLEMONT was born before 1678.

child + 3 ii. George ESSLEMONT was born 30 March 1678.

child 4 iii. Isobel ESSLEMONT (#1546) was born before 1679.

child 5 iv. James ESSLEMONT (#1547) was born in Burnside of Idoch, Monquhitter parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 29 March 1684.

child + 6 v. Andrew ESSLEMONT was born 1688.

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