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First Generation


Muiryhill Alvah, the oldest known farmtoun of the Chalmers family

In many localities in Banff and Aberdeenshire, there are no villages or towns. Place names are really farms. This is especially so in the earlier years, such as the 1700s and before. Muiryhill is one such place. In the 1700s it was really a farmtoun which was farmed by many families in common. There were also crofts and portions of crofts farmed by families. See note re William Chalmers. Muiryhill is close to the main road from Aberchirder to Banff, about five miles from Banff.

1. William1 CHALMERS (#36) was born Scotland about 1680. The parish registers of Alvah start after 1719. William would have been born previous to this date and there is no event for the birth of William Chalmers after this date. It is not possible therefore to find a birth or baptism for him, unless he was born in some other parish whose dates go back further. A William Chalmer was born of James in 29 May 1675 in Deskford parish, also another William of James on the 29 October 1680 in Marnoch parish, while another was born of Hugh 15 February 1684 also Marnoch. We know that a William Chalmers lived at Muiryhill, Alvah between 13/4/1719 and 12/4/1724 - baptism of three known children, of which one is named Christian. An Alexander Chalmers lived at Dunlugas/Breedless 1720 -1733, while a Gilbert Chalmers resided at Stoneyhill 1720. A Gilbert Chalmers also resided at Coldhome 1719, the latter two are probably the same person. A Gilbert Chalmer of Alexander was born 8 April 1660 Forglen parish. The only one in the OPRs for Banffshire. This give us three possible fathers to James Chalmers. I chose William originally as I was not aware of the others at the time. James was in Coldhome in 1738 a few years before he is married in 1744. Gilbert is a strong contender also as he resided at Coldhome close to the time that James would have been born. None of this is proof of course and needs further research. William died about 1740.

He resided Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland 27 February 1719.(105) "Muiryhill: - William Chalmer; Muiryhill; 1/4 of croft : - George Chalmers, Patrick Duncan and Jean Webster; Coldhome: - Gilbert Chalmers".

Historical events during the life of William CHALMERS: Charles2 of scotland died on January 1, 1685; death of Queen Anne on January 1, 1714; Voltaire is imprisoned in the Bastille for writing subversive satire on May 16, 1717; birth of Sir John Hawkins, wrote 1st history of music in English on March 30, 1719; Danial Defoe is the author of on April 25, 1719; Birth of Adam Smith, economist on June 5, 1723; birth of Thomas Gainsborough, painter on May 14, 1727; After 20 years in office the Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole resigns on February 1, 1742.

William CHALMERS had the following children:

child + 2 i. John2 CHALMERS was born about 1710.

child + 3 ii. James CHALMERS was born about 1716.

child 4 iii. George CHALMERS (#519) was born Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland before 13 April 1719. He was baptized Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, 13 April 1719. Religion: Church of Scotland.

child 5 iv. Jean CHALMERS (#520) was born Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland before 3 September 1721. She was baptized Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, 3 September 1721. Religion: Church of Scotland.

child 6 v. Christian CHALMERS (#521) was born Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland before 12 April 1724. She was baptized Muiryhill, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, 12 April 1724. Religion: Church of Scotland.

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