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Coldhome, one of the oldest farmtouns of the Chalmers Family

3. James2 CHALMERS (William1) (#34) was born about 1716. James Chalmers birth or baptism is unavailable as yet. He was probably born in Alvah parish but this is not certain. The parish records start 1719 which is too late for the recording of his baptism. All the family appear to locate around the farmtouns of Muiryhill and Coldhome in Alvah. A William Chalmers was living there in Muiryhill between 13 April 1719 and 12 April 1724 and could be his father. William had a recorded son, George and two daughters Jean and Christian. More research is needed. it also appears that James had a brother John but this also, is not proved yet. There is also a Gilbert Chalmers of Stoneyhill close by Muiryhill who could also have been his father. This Gilbert was for a time living in Coldhome where James had his own family. A James Chalmers also married an Agnes Crookshank 19 August 1738 according to Alvah parish records. There is no further reference to Agnes in the records. None of the children were given the name and it does not appear in any generation or families of siblings. If there were two James Chalmers in Alvah who married, one must have removed from there and surrounding areas, as none is found. Alternatively, I believe James married Firstly: Agnes, who probably died soon after and then remarried Christian Cheyne. However this is all supposition and cannot be proved at this time. James died 13 April 1774 Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, at 57 years of age. His body was interred after 13 April 1774 Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, kirkyard. " I (compiler), have been to Alvah kirkyard in 1995 and 1997 and found no indication of his burial. His family may have been too poor to buy a stone."

He married Christian CHEYNE Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, 27 May 1744.(106) " Anno 1744 May 27th. James Chalmers & Christian Cheyne both in this parish were contracted in order of marriage & for implement & consigned pledges & married." (Christian CHEYNE is #35.)

Christian was born Laithers, Turriff parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland before 13 March 1720. Christian was the daughter of James CHEYNE.

He resided Coldhome, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland August 1738.(107) James Chalmers in Coldhome

He resided Coldhome, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland 3 April 1758.(108) "Heading - Distributions since 8th.February 1758 - 3 April 1758. To James Chalmers in Coldhome 3..0..0 "

James CHALMERS and Christian CHEYNE had the following children:

child 12 i. James3 CHALMERS (#42) was born Coldhome, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland before 23 April 1745. He was baptized Coldhome, Alvah parish, Banffshire, Scotland, 23 April 1745. Religion: Church of Scotland.(109)

child + 13 ii. John CHALMERS was born before 21 January 1747.

child + 14 iii. Alexander CHALMERS was born before 17 April 1751.

child + 15 iv. William CHALMERS was born before 23 February 1754.

child + 16 v. Walter CHALMERS was born before 25 April 1756.

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